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Multan Road, Lahore

Gulshan-e-Ahbab Phase 1, located at 17km Multan Road. It happens to be geographically located at one of the most busy localities in the city and has flourished greatly over the years. It is a Housing Project based on 86 Kanals and currently has 96 populated houses. It was the first venture by Ahbab. It has all the amenities of any modern community such as a developed road network, water & sewerage system, Electricity & Gas, Parks, Graveyards and Mosques. It has all the facilities for it to be a self-sufficient community.

Chandrai Road Link Ferozepur Road, Lahor

Gulshan-e-Ahbab Phase 2 has an area of 285.2 Kanals & is populated with 293 houses. It has all the amenities of a modern residential locality, carpeted roads, water & sewerage lines, electricity & gas availability, parks, Graveyard and Mosques located at. It is prime real-estate as it is located on Chundrai link road on Ferozepur Road & in extremely close proximity to some of the mos affluent Residential Areas in Lahore & anyone who has ever visited the provicial capital of Lahore, knows how important Ferozepur Road is to the Provincial Capital.

(Shahdab Colony), Ferozepur Road, Lahore

Shadab Colony is located on Ferozepur Road, which is considered one of the main arteries of the provincial capital, Lahore, also being surrounded by some of the poshest Residential Communities in the city. All amenities & facilities of any modern community such as a developed road network, water & sewerage system, Electricity & Gas, Parks, Graveyards and Mosques & even water treatment plants are present at Shadab Colony. It covers an area of 751.45 Kanals and currently has 787 houses.


Ahbab Argo Farms are located on Lehtrar Road, a stone throw from the famous Sultana Foundation. The area has Schools, Hospitals, Graveyards, Shopping Facilities, Mosques and other imaginable facility to be a self-sufficient Residential area. Ahbab-Agro was based on a total of 366 Kanals of land. Electricity is available & gas has been applied for although, the government has yet to fulfil it’s commitment on that front, regardless of all responsibilities being completed on Ahbabs end.


We all know Murree has become over-crowded. People used to love Murree for its peace and tranquility and every summer would flock to this area, all the serenity has been lost over the years due to the extreme tourist inflow, however, Ahbab Gardens Murree being located a stones throw from the only 5 star Hotel in the area. PC Bhurban still has that peace and tranquility intact. A few minutes walk from Kashmiri Bazaar brings you to the Ahbab Gardens, a serene and beautiful housing project based on 79.05 Kanals of prime land with its own dedicated concrete road which Ahbab had made by itself, with the same breathtaking views this area became famous for and the sound of birds instead of the noise pollution of Diesel engines.

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